Lockwood Institute Presents


A one day Training Workshop

VENUE: La Palm  Royal Beach Hotel

20th September 2017  | 8:30am – 5:00pm

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The graveyard of companies is littered with companies that failed to either anticipate change or deal with it competently. Many hitherto successful companies foundered as the business environment changed. Such companies either failed to anticipate and manage the changing environment or failed to determine the right corporate direction. They failed in the delicate act of determining the “Right Things” to do, as the socio-economic environment changed, and carried on doing “Things Right” with regard to hitherto successful products, services and process, but which became obsolete along the way.

The one-day workshop, scheduled for Wednesday 20th September, is targeted to CEOs and high-flyer Directors and senior managers, and is designed to enhance the capabilities of such senior managers to determine corporate direction, formulate appropriate strategies and impeccably execute them so as to win in the marketplace.

  • Determinants of business and organisational success
  • Why some firms soar while others sink
  • Looking beyond your competitors to stay competitive
  • Determining the right things to do
  • Determining the bad things to avoid
  • What goes into investment decisions by Foreign Direct Investors
  • What your organisation must do to attract FDIs
  • What is killing the Ghanaian business
  • What your organisation must do to stay in business
  • Case illustrations, analysis and discussions
  •  CEOs
  • Senior Public Officials
  • Senior Corporate Managers
  • Board Members
  • Business Strategists and Consultants
  • Heads of NGOs
  • Civil Society Organisations


Sir Sam Jonah

special guest speaker

Professor Pikay Richardson

Manchester Business School
Lead Facilitator



University of Ghana
Business School

Mrs. Mansa

Managing Director,
Standard Chartered Bank
Ghana Limited

Dr. Camynta

Immediate Past
Executive Chairman,
State Enterprises Commission


Former Director,
Institute of Local
Government Studies


Event ticket – GHS 950.00

For registration & further information, please call …….

030 3932 041 | 026 3003 928