09 Oct 2017

The Winning Organisation

Strategy Workshop held for Senior Managers

Business leaders and senior managers have been urged to create working environments that enhance the confidence and self-worth of their staff. Delivering the opening speech at a workshop for CEOs and senior business executives in Accra, Chairman of Jonah Capital Sir Sam Jonah stressed that it was important for managers to treat their employees with respect.

To build winning organisations, Dr. Jonah entreated corporate leaders to appreciate the talents and skills of their employees. Dr. Jonah believes that, “When you are in a privileged position, don’t rub it in the face of those who are less privileged.”

The lead facilitator at the workshop, Professor Pikay Richardson emphasized the need for managers to be mindful of the inevitability of change in the modern business environment. According to Professor Richardson, who is an international business consultant and lecturer at Manchester Business School, it is important for managers to keep abreast of issues, anticipate change and organize to respond effectively to change. Citing the examples of global brands such as Kodak and Compaq, he demonstrated that businesses that do not manage change effectively end up losing their space in the market place.

Professor Richardson indicated that the vital ingredient needed for companies to engender sustainable growth was a committed approach to building the leadership capacity of senior managers.

In a panel discussion, Professor Robert Hinson of the University of Ghana Business School encouraged businesses to have a system for harvesting and using data to undergird decisions they make. He also made a case for innovation as a critical factor for building winning organisations.

The Winning Organisation Workshop is an initiative of Lockwood Institute to equip CEOs and senior managers with skills to harmonize strategy formulation and execution to build enduring organisations.

Lockwood Institute is a thriving specialist executive education, training and consultancy services provider that is committed to developing and enhancing the profile of executives and senior managers in the private and public sectors to meet Ghana’s growth requirements.