Course Overview

Our senior managers’ flagship course – The Winning Organisation – gives senior managers and directors an up-to-date perspective on their role, as well as frameworks to help them transform their companies for long-term growth and success.

Recognizing the demand for increased leadership and management competency, this course prompts directors and practising managers to examine and analyse on a continuing basis, the changing socio-economic environment, with a view leveraging opportunities and mitigating threats in order to ensure continued growth and success.

  • The Need for Regular Corporate Appraisal
  • The Vital Ingredient for Successful Transformation – Strategic
  • Leadership
  • The Genesis of the Transformation Process
  • Setting Future Corporate Direction Correctly – The Visioning
  • Exercise
  • Doing the RIGHT THING(s) RIGHT – From Vision to Execution (5 Steps)
  • Written/Video Cases Analysis and Discussion

The programme is designed to help improve the skills of senior managers and directors to enable them successfully navigate their company through the ravages of a changing world; a world of short life-cycles, uncertain economic futures, and increasing globalisation.

Our corporate transformation training programme, aptly titled “The Winning Organisation” is designed to meet the needs of senior managers and directors (top management) in both large public and private companies, as well as established companies planning to go public.

Emphasizing the common issues facing all top management, the course enhances the skills of participants to make them effective in the strive to achieve corporate survival and growth in a highly competitive global environment.


Training is delivered at carefully chosen off-site locations (hotels, conference rooms) in Accra to avoid work distractions.


Training is delivered at clients offices or conference room with support from Lockwood training management team

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