Course Overview

Enhanced Productivity in the workplace is a combination of competence, desire and resources. All three working together leads to growth. It is, therefore, vital for senior managers to sharpen their leadership skills if they are to succeed in leading their organisations to achieve survival, growth and profitability.

  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Leadership Styles/context
  • Ethical Leadership/Leadership
  • Competences/Skills
  • Strategic/Visionary Leadership
  • Leading, Motivating and Empowering
  • Staff for Improved Productivity
  • Increased retention of employees through leadership capacity that develops and uses talent effectively.
  • Enhanced ability to respond to rapid shifts in the environment through
    leaders who understand how to manage change and respond to resistance.
  • An Influential leader who can positively impact both organizational culture and the bottom line.
  • CEO, CFO’s and Senior Executives
  • Vice presidents
  • General managers
  • Sales and marketing executives
  • Finance executives
  • Operations executives

Training is delivered at carefully chosen off-site locations (hotels, conference rooms) in Accra to avoid work distractions.


Training is delivered at clients offices or conference room with support from Lockwood training management team

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