Course Overview

Many salespeople know what to do. However, during stressful selling situations, they are not able to effectively manage emotions hence their inability to leverage productive selling and influence skills. According to research by Harvard University professor David Deming, the relevance of social skills is becoming more pronounced than experience and knowledge in contemporary times.
People who develop better social skills understand their emotions and those of others; and are able to harness this understanding for progressive results. Sales executives who are able to master EI are more likely to achieve sterling results than those who have poor EI.

  • Introduction to emotional intelligence
  • How to evaluate and grow emotional intelligence quotient (EQ)
  • Identifying the emotions that drive human actions
  • Applying EI to the sales process
  • Presentation and closing techniques that suit different personality types
  • Learn how to analyze prospects and discover hidden emotional desires
  • Develop practical presentation strategies that are tailored to individual prospects
  • Learn to anticipate what objections will come from which emotional drivers and the appropriate handling techniques in each case
  • Discover what closing techniques work best with which personality types and why
  • Business leaders
  • Sales and marketing managers
  • Sales executives
  • Customer service executives
  • Front desk executives
  • Relationship managers

Training is delivered at carefully chosen off-site locations (hotels, conference rooms) in Accra to avoid work distractions.


Training is delivered at clients offices or conference room with support from Lockwood training management team

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