Delegate Testimonials

Lockwood institute is focused on results and has had the distinct pleasure of helping clients in a variety of industries overcome the issues that slowed and sometimes prevented outright success. Here’s what some of them had to say about us:

Adams Hussaini
Manager, Technical & Business Support - Gridco
Yes, this program has actually opened up my perception about effective leadership. I will implement what I have learnt in terms of setting targets, breaking them into objectives,implementing them and monitoring/evaluating them with the view of making improvements.
Eudora Koranteng
Deputy Chief Manager - Databank
As a corporate governance practitioner it was very refreshing to find that all the issues relating to good corporate governance practices were touched on as I expected.
Eric Asare
Director - GRIDCO
I will put into practice principles of good leadership learnt at this seminar. I will also engage in self-tutoring and reading leadership development material.
Yeboa Amoa
Legal Practictioner - Databank
The course was splendid. The facilitator is experienced and he knows his stuff. His presentation was relevant and was based on his knowledge of the subject and the African environment.
Hon. Samuel Nuamah Donkor
This programme met my expectations. I will utilise the knowledge acquired as a guide to ensure good corporate governance in my company and also ensure that my managers and board members attend an extension of this programme.
Charles Parker
Chief Manager - Bank of Ghana
Now I am able to disseminate a good leader from a good manager. This course has given me an insight on how to lead and manage my subordinates well to the benefit of the bank
Emelia Adu-Asare
Deputy Chief Manager/Estates - Ghana Post
I have been imbued with the skills and knowledge to enable my company to forge ahead, effectively and efficiently through my contributions
Ama B. Haywood-Dadzie
Manager, Board Secretariat - Gridco
My expectations have been met. I now have the skills for effective
implementation of strategy as this was clarified effectively. I will practice the steps required to implement a strategy on each assignment.